The Tunnel of Love, a gem for your wedding, which makes Villa Tre Colli in Rome truly unique

The Tunnel of Love is a structure specifically designed and created for newlyweds, an exclusive feature of Villa Tre Colli.

It is a pathway entirely covered with plants and flowers—a fairytale location where capturing multiple photos means preserving unforgettable moments filled with intimacy and sweetness.

The Tunnel of Love holds a symbolic meaning: walking through it together for its entire length represents the metaphor of the marital journey for two individuals who were once strangers but are now united. They choose to face everything they encounter along their path as one.

“As the bride and groom walk hand in hand, embracing each other, they mirror the way they will navigate life together—facing events that will make their love journey unique and special”

At Villa Tre Colli, it has become a cherished tradition to guide newlyweds along the path of our avenue.

In the middle of this tunnel, if you wish, you can momentarily isolate yourselves from everything around you, remaining the only truly important focus, almost as if you were at the center of the universe.

Reaching the end of the tunnel serves as a good omen for the life that lies ahead for the new couple.